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Permit Search
Let's say you are looking for a new apartment. The building's safety is one of the priorities. Permit Search helps you research buildings' construction history. Discover who constructed the building you live in, alternated it, renovated it. What electrical, plumbing, mechanical or other type jobs were performed in your building. Who was the contractor, and what was the price for the job.
Neighborhood Major Issues
From potholes to damaged trees, from air quality to noise complaints. We've analyzed 311 service data, city service requests, code violations, police and fire incident reports and other official documents to show you problems neighborhoods face. This is an unseen side of neighborhoods. Many realtors rarely tell the full story to potential renters.
Walkability Rating
Long commute time can affect your physical and mental health. Extreme commuters are more likely feel depressed and unhappy. The solution is simple: try to move to the most walkable neighborhood. Walkability rating shows you how comfortable a neighborhood is for families, kids, or fitness enthusiasts.
Corporate Records Search
We normalize and analyze data provided by state departments so you can have a clear idea on which companies are located at specific addresses, when they were founded, who's a registered agent, who is leading the company and much more. This data is valuable for customers, competitors, independent researchers, and investigative journalists.